Report from +Ebbsfleet Book Launch

The Anglo-Catholic has received the following report from yesterday evening's launch event at Pusey House for Heaven and Earth in Little Space, Bishop Andrew Burnham's new book on the re-enchantment of Catholic liturgy.

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Bishop Andrew Burnham this evening launched his new book, Heaven and Earth in Little Space (Canterbury Press), at a reception at Pusey House, Oxford.  Fr Jonathan Baker, Principal of Pusey House and author of the Introduction, welcomed the bishop and guests – including Fr Aidan Nichols OP who contributed the Foreword – and paid tribute to the new publication and its author.  The bishop then thanked those who had been involved with the production of the book, especially Fr Baker and Fr Nichols, and invited all present to continue to consider how Anglo-Catholicism might contribute to the future of the liturgical life of the wider Church.

Others present included Mr Stephen Parkinson (Director of Forward in Faith), Canon Robin Ward (Principal of S. Stephen’s House), and a number of local Anglican and Catholic clergy and laity.

Pusey Pictures

Anglicanorum Coetibus Conference at Pusey House.

What a VERY good picture heading the entry about the Pusey Conference on Anglicanorum Coetibus!  Then I realised why it was so good.  It had been lifted without so much as 'by-your-leave' from my Ancient Richborough posting!  Careful, James…  OK, you are forgiven.

Answering questions.

Now my machine is incapable of letting me hear the downloads from the Conference, but since, like Alice, I consider books without pictures are pretty worthless, I thought you might care to see a few more pictures from yesterday.  And what a good event it was!  Well done Pusey House!

Fr. Baker introducing Fr. North.

Almost as important as the Conference itself was the opportunity it gave to meet and talk over the buffet lunch; here are some of the participants in the cloister.  Bishop Robert Ladds, the former Bishop of Whitby, expounds doctrine to the Vicar of Holy Trinity Reading (whose blog you may know).

Bishop Ladds, formerly of Whitby, expounds doctrine.
And below, the Master General of SSC, Fr David Houlding, together with the Vicar of St  Andrew's Deal, Fr Christopher Lindlar.
The Master General of SSC and the Parish Preist of St Andrew's Deal.

Anglicanorum Coetibus Conference Presentations

(L to R) Fr. Ackerman, Fr Baker, Fr. Ward, Fr. North, Prof. Duffy.

The Anglo-Catholic is pleased to offer the following audio recordings of the presentations at today's Anglicanorum Coetibus Conference held at Pusey House, Oxford.

Two New Books

Two new books have just been announced that will be of interest to readers of The Anglo-Catholic.  In the first, Andrew Burnham, the Bishop of Ebbsfleet, explores the re-enchantment of the Sacred Liturgy from an Anglican perspective and offers ideas on how the "precious gift" of our distinctive patrimony might enrich the wider Church.  In the second, The Anglo-Catholic contributor, Fr. John Fleming, relates his spiritual journey into the fullness of the communion with the Catholic Church.  And perhaps especially interesting to our readership, he examines his own role in the approach of the Traditional Anglican Communion to the Holy See which culminated in the October 2007 Portsmouth Letter, the formal petition by which the TAC requested "a communal and ecclesial way of being Anglican Catholics in communion with the Holy See."

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Heaven and Earth in Little Space
by Bishop Andrew Burnham
Canterbury Press

This timely and significant book by Andrew Burnham, Bishop of Ebbsfleet, asks whether the declining appeal of religious worship is connected with the simplification of liturgical practice in recent decades.  Has a well-meant policy of making worship more accessible resulted in a loss of the sense of mystery – and has this accelerated the decline?

To answer this question, Bishop Burnham surveys five centuries of change in the Anglican church, as well as the wider Catholic and Orthodox traditions.  He suggests what renewal of the liturgy for today’s church might look like and how re-enchantment would work in practice.

His theme is the re-enchantment of the Sacred Liturgy.  The opening chapter examines the question of Anglican identity and the evolution of the distinctive post-Reformation rites in the Church of England.  He goes on to look in detail at the celebration of the Daily Office and of the Eucharist, and to investigate questions of text, music and ceremonial, as well as the matter of the Kalendar and liturgical year.  Particular attention is paid to the relationship between the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Roman Rite, in the light of the motu proprio of Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum.  A final chapter considers Mary, Mother of the Word Incarnate, as the one who models the grace given through the Liturgy to unite Heaven and Earth.

Bishop Andrew’s significant and absorbing study, informed by his expertise in liturgical theology and history, will be required reading for all who have a concern for the authentic renewal of the worship of God.  In particular, in the light of Pope Benedict’s gracious affirmation of Anglican patrimony in the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, it will be an invaluable resource in furthering the aim of enriching the life of the wider Catholic Church with the particular gifts and insights of the Anglican tradition.

Heaven and Earth in Little Space is published by Canterbury Press with a Foreword by Fr Aidan Nichols OP and an introduction by Fr Jonathan Baker SSC, Principal of Pusey House, Oxford and also a member of the Council of Forward in Faith.  Full details of how to order it, and how to take advantage of a generous discount on the recommended price, can be found here.

TO ORDER with a 20% discount please quote code Space 2010.
UK orders please add £2.50 for P&P (orders over £50 postage free).
International orders please call for details.  Offer price expires 31st Dec 2010.
Post: Send a cheque payable to Norwich Books and Music to
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Convinced by the Truth: Embracing the Fullness of the Catholic Faith
by Fr. John I. Fleming
Modotti Press

Why convert to Catholicism? In the context of what he saw as the global disintegration of Anglicanism, Father John Fleming, former Anglican priest, presents a compelling account of his spiritual odyssey, and why Catholicism alone could satisfy his need for the synthesis of faith and reason.  The Mass being a crucial factor in his own conversion, he draws readers into his exchange with two young people, one a Catholic the other not, on the reasonableness of Transubstantiation and the Sacrifice of the Mass.  He concludes with a fascinating account of how the Traditional Anglican Communion came to seek, without condition, full corporate reunion with the Holy See and his own part in this history-making episode.

Pre-release copies of Convinced by the Truth may be ordered online from The Mustard Seed Bookshop.  The book will be in stock on May 5, 2010.

Fr. Fleming is a contributor to The Anglo-Catholic.