Sarum Rite

This evening the Bishop of Clifton ordained a former Anglican Priest, David Boundy, to serve in the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.  The Pastor of that Group is Fr Keith Robinson (sometime Vicar of St Martin's in Salisbury).  For a while in retirement, Fr David had been an honorary assistant, so you might say it is the old firm back in business.  The Group they lead is at the Church of the Holy Redeemer, on the Northeast fringes of Salisbury (aka Sarum) — though in Catholic terms it is not part of Sarum Diocese, but of Clifton (Bristol).  It was especially good to have David's wife, Catherine, reading the first lesson, and one of his grandsons serving at the altar.  Indeed his grandson almost upstaged the Bishop — the church was very hot, and the poor lad passed out, collapsed in a heap — fortunately he was none the worse and seemed very cheerful at the reception after Mass.

There were old friends from various stages of David's long career — from Devon and Cornwall in the Westcountry, from Taunton and London and many other corners of the ecclesiastical globe.

It was especially good on arrival at the Church to find a prominent notice on the door announcing that this was the home of an Ordinariate Group, as well as of a Catholic Parish; not every Ordinariate Group is given the ability to publicise itself in this way — but Fr David tells me the Parish Priest has been immmensely supportive of him and the rest of the Group.  Certainly there was a very good turnout for this Ordination Mass on a Tuesday in mid-holiday season, with Servers from all the churches in the group.

Mgr Andrew Burnham preached most encouragingly on the priesthood.  After Mass we enjoyed catching up with old friends — Anglican monks who have recently relocated to Salisbury, Fr Christopher Colven from Spanish Place, members of the congregation who had formerly worshipped at St Martin's Salisbury.  What is more, the sun came out and made the whole event even more glorious.  I hope there may soon be some pictures on my Ancient Richborough blog, still being unable to download them here.

Author: Fr. Edwin Barnes

Bishop Barnes read theology for three years at Oxford before finishing his studies at Cuddesdon College (at the time a theological college with a rather monastic character). He subsequently served two urban curacies in Portsmouth and Woking. During his first curacy, and after the statutory three years of celibacy, he married his wife Jane (with whom he has two children, Nicola and Matthew). In 1967, Bishop Barnes received his first incumbency as Rector of Farncombe in the Diocese of Guildford. After eleven years, the family moved to Hessle, in the Diocese of York, for another nine years as vicar. In 1987, he became Principal of St Stephen’s House, Oxford. In 1995, he was asked by then Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, to become the second PEV for the Province. He was based in St. Alban’s and charged with ministering to faithful Anglo-Catholics spread over the length of Southern England, from the Humber Estuary to the Channel Islands. After six years of service as a PEV, Bishop Barnes retired to Lymington on the south coast where he holds the Bishop of Winchester’s license as an honorary assistant bishop. On the retirement of the late and much lamented Bishop Eric Kemp, he was honored to be asked to succeed him as President of the Church Union. Both these appointments he resigned on becoming a Catholic in 2010. Fr. Barnes is now a priest of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, caring for an Ordinariate Group in Southbourne, Bournemouth.

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  1. I am curious how are Anglican laity received by the Roman Catholic Church? We Orthodox would Chrismate (Confirm) them. What do Roman Catholic's do?

    The Very Rev. John W. Morris

  2. I for one am grateful to Fr Barnes for posting something that lifts the heart to the heavens. Honestly, first we had all this sturm und drang about Latin and then I found myself taken in by the sick fantasies of a left wing Orc or whatever they are called! For a brief uncomfortable moment I even thought I had inspired a new non-Roman ordinariate! Thankfully that is all over now though sadly a casualty appears to be Ms Deborah Gyapong, I shall miss her pithy wit. As one of the ladies at my last 'Canonise General Franco NOW' coffee mornings said, 'That's life, Sweetie'. And do you know, she was right.

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