Archbishop J. Michael Miller Receives Anglican Catholics in Vancouver

Hurrah for Vancouver Archbishop J. Michael Miller for receiving a group of former members of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC) led by (Fr) Michael Shier on July 12 and hurrah! for the B.C. Catholic Newspaper for covering the story!  Here's an excerpt.  Follow the link to read the whole thing. There's a picture, too!

Group of 11 with 'Anglican distinctiveness' enter Catholic Church at Holy Rosary
By Alistair Burns
The B.C. Catholic

Eleven former members of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada came into the Roman Catholic Church June 30 during a Mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral. Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, said the Mass, with Father Bruce McAllister, Father Glenn Dion, and Father William Ashley concelebrating.

"This has been a long, sometimes trying journey, but one filled with hope," the archbishop said in his homily. "We are celebrating, as these nine adult members are confirmed and two children come into full communion, a joyous, historic occasion."

Archbishop Miller explained the unification process had been set in motion in 2007, when the bishops of the Anglican communion formally expressed their desire "to enter into full unity with the Holy See, without losing their Anglican distinctiveness."

Two years later Pope Benedict XVI signed an apostolic constitution, a formal document which enabled groups of Anglicans to join the Catholic Church.

"Physical union with the Church does not mean absorption into a monolith; the union is better compared with an orchestral ensemble: the result is symphonic," the archbishop enthused.

After the Mass, the new Catholics congregated on the cathedral steps with the archbishop and his concelebrants.

"We were drawn in by the Pope's declaration; that's what really motivated us," said the Rev. Michael Shier, an Anglican clergyman on his way to ordination as a Catholic priest. "He understood our predicament."

The Rev. Shier also thanked the archbishop for kindly spending a few hours in a question-and-answer session with the converts at Westminster Abbey.

"This group enriches the Church by their presence, and it takes considerable humility for them to do this. It's not what they have chosen; Christ has chosen them," pointed out Father Ashley.

And I got word from someone from Edmonton that the group there, led by (Fr.) David Skelton has been on a Eucharistic fast for several months and they will be received Tuesday, July 24, next week!

Author: Deborah Gyapong

Deborah Gyapong is a member of the Sodality of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( in Ottawa, a former parish of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (Traditional Anglican Communion) whose members were received individually and corporately into the Roman Catholic Church on April 15, 2012 by Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast at St. Patrick’s Basilica. Under the provisions of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus, the community will celebrate an approved Anglican Use liturgy and hopes to soon join with other sodalities across Canada to form the Canadian Deanery of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter under Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, Ordinary. As we wait for our priest(s) to be ordained as Catholic priests, God willing, Archbishop Prendergast will provide priests to celebrate our Sunday Eucharist according to the Anglican Use. Deborah is a journalist who covers religion and politics in Canada’s national capital, writing primarily for Roman Catholic newspapers since 2004. Her novel The Defilers, published in 2006, was not a best seller, alas. She spent 17 years at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in news and current affairs, including 12 years as a television producer.

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  1. I've heard that a small group in Edmonton, Alberta, was received around the same time. Does anyone know more about this? They had two TAC priests and some laymen coming over. Numbers? Dates?

    As far as I know, this leaves out only the TAC group in Montreal. I wonder if anyone here could comment on that situation. Is Fr. Nicholson crossing? Fr. Slattery? How many people?


  2. I was told some months ago that the group consisted of fourteen persons. Eleven came over in the end, so two or three may have reconsidered. It is wonderful news that this group has come home to Rome while keeping its distinctive patrimony. May Heaven bless all of them!


    1. The article mentions distinctive patrimony but is perhaps understandably vague on details. Is the group now a sodality like those in Victoria, Ottawa, and Kitchener?

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