The Ordinations Begin in Canada!

Great news from Calgary!

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Lee Kenyon and John Wright will be ordained Deacon on Thursday 28th June at 10.00 a.m. at St John the Evangelist, Calgary.

They will be ordained Priest on Saturday 30th June at 11.00 a.m. at St Mary’s Cathedral, Calgary.

The Bishop of Calgary, The Most Revd Frederick Henry will ordain Lee and John for service in the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter.

Fr Kenyon’s First Mass will be on Dominion Day Sunday 1st July at 10.00 a.m.

Your presence and prayers are requested at all these Masses.

Author: Deborah Gyapong

Deborah Gyapong is a member of the Sodality of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( in Ottawa, a former parish of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (Traditional Anglican Communion) whose members were received individually and corporately into the Roman Catholic Church on April 15, 2012 by Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast at St. Patrick’s Basilica. Under the provisions of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus, the community will celebrate an approved Anglican Use liturgy and hopes to soon join with other sodalities across Canada to form the Canadian Deanery of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter under Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, Ordinary. As we wait for our priest(s) to be ordained as Catholic priests, God willing, Archbishop Prendergast will provide priests to celebrate our Sunday Eucharist according to the Anglican Use. Deborah is a journalist who covers religion and politics in Canada’s national capital, writing primarily for Roman Catholic newspapers since 2004. Her novel The Defilers, published in 2006, was not a best seller, alas. She spent 17 years at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in news and current affairs, including 12 years as a television producer.

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    1. No, Dominion Day will do. When the unfortunate name change was made official in 1982, sneaked in by a Liberal cabal when Parliament was mostly empty, no law was passed imposing prison sentences on those who prefer to call it what it is, which is Dominion Day, the day which marks the birth not of Canada, for the Province of Canada existed before then, but of the Dominion of Canada. The name comes from an Old French word "dominion" and reflects usage from the Psalms, the very place from which a Father of Confederation took the name for the Dominion's motto: He shall have dominion from sea even unto sea (a mari usque ad mare). I believe that the surname of the Father in question was Tilley, likely an Anglican!

      So I'll stick with Dominion Day. It's Biblical, it's foundational, it introduces a new political term which was made in Canada. It also sounds better, with its assonance. The other sounds like a name invented by Donald Duck: Canadadadaday.


      1. Oh, please. I was brought up with Dominion Day, but there can be no question that "Canada Day" has really taken over and is very popular. People are happy to call it that everywhere. "Dominion Day" now seems quite antiquated and no one knows what a "dominion" is anyway. Anyone under 35 or 40 doesn't remember "Dominion Day". This gets into political battles and biases that no longer matter to Canadians.

        1. If these things do no longer matter to Canadians, then much the pity. They certainly should matter.

          By the time I was born, the TLM was a distant memory to those of the "Spirit of Vatican II" mindset. Should we just resign the Holy Mass to the dustbin of history and move on?

          I am a Virginian, a son of the "Old Dominion" — so-called because the Colony of Virginia remained loyal to the Crown throughout the "Protectorate" — a name given the Commonwealth by Charles II himself. This is something which, even today, we have not forgotten and a fact for which we are rightly proud.

          1. Thanks, Mr. Campbell. Everyone in my family calls it Dominion Day and I wish everyone a happy Dominion Day on 1st July. Some are suprised by this but no one is offended. The official name of Canada is the Dominion of Canada but that issue is a complicated one best not entered into here. One must ultimately cite three amendments from to the B.N.A. Act made in the 1920s to prove it. These amendments were included in the 1982 Constitution and make the case.

            When I was growing up, nobody lit fireworks on Dominion Day. That was done only on Victoria Day. Another sad loss.


    1. It WAS, of course, from a church perspective, the Feast of the Precious Blood, and a very dark day indeed in 1969 when it disappeared from the calendar, compared to which the renaming of Dominion Day 30 years ago is as nothing.

      1. And yet there is a parallel between the two, and I would say that the same sort of forces were responsible for both!

        Yes, for the first time in over forty years, we shall be celebrating the Feast of the Precious Blood in the Latin Mass in my City this year. It will likely continue in following years even when it falls on a weekday. We are gradually adding the others and this year had Corpus Christi on the Thursday (not transferred) for the first time. Last year, we added the Sacred Heart on the Friday and repeated that this year.

        Happy Dominion Day to all and sundry, when it comes. Meanwhile, we now celebrate the bicentenary of the beginning of the War of 1812, in which one of my ancestors fought for the Crown, as they did in the American Revolutionary War. We use the term 'Loyalists'; I believe that, in the U.S.A., the term 'Tory' was more common.

  1. Congratulations to Mr. Kenyon. I have found him to be an extremely gracious and kind man in the one communication I've had with him. It is truly gratifying to see that he is being ordained. He was formerly a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada (Canterburian Communion). I am not familiar with Mr. Wright but presume that he was also from the Anglican Church of Canada. Could someone enlighten me on that?

    I do have one question. I have been told that Mr. Colin O'Rourke, a former Anglican-Catholic priest in Calgary, will also proceed to ordination. Is this being planned for the future? It would also be a very happy occasion to see that he had been ordained.

    Now, as for the Ordinariate, at this rate, we up here in Canada might soon outnumber our neighbours to the south in their own structure!


    1. Mr. Wright is indeed from the ACC, and used to be Honorary Assistant (= parochial vicar) at St John's.

      2 Priests who resigned from the ACC are members of the Toronto group. All other Canadian incoming clergy are to my knowledge from the ACCC.

      + PAX et BONUM

    1. In the distant past it was not unusual for a man to receive all three major orders on the same day – diaconate, presbyterate and episcopate.

      1. The distant past isn't really an answer. St. Ambrose comes to mind. I assume that this hasn't been common practice for a long time.

        1. I can say that there are other instances in recent times in which the two orders were received in one week or less. It is not the norm, of course!


  2. 'Fr Kenyon’s First Mass will be on Dominion Day Sunday 1st July at 10.00 a.m.'

    Yes, as a Roman Catholic priest – but definitely not his first Mass surely!

    1. Let's not open this can of worms AGAIN! Anyway, you might want to ask Fr Kenyon himself what he thinks he will celebrate that day. Hint: I think he won't give a hoot.

      1. I thought the whole purpose of the Ordinariate was not to forget the validity of one's Anglican Ministry, in fact Pope Benedict has urged former Anglican priests to celbrate their Ordination date from the day they were ordained in the Anglican Communion. I merely point out that he has celebrated many a valid Mass, and this is not his first, but the beginning of many more – to which I give God thanks and praise.
        I am sorry that you see my comment as a 'can of worms' – may God bless you.

        1. Fr. Phillips indicated that this was news to him, and he has always celebrated his ordination date in the Catholic church. I think this is one of those myths like "We won't be Roman Catholics; we'll be like one of the 23 autonomous churches in communion with the Bishop of Rome" that were swirling around some years back. A no longer needed way station.

  3. Slightly off topic, but does anyone know what is going on with st barnabas, Omaha that is? Are they joining the Ordinariate? I gather the building is out of the question, however I know they are only a couple of blocks from the Cathedral. It has a decent size chapel off from the left side. There is a quite lovely but very tiny one on the right side that is exceptional, but too tiny for any use. I am not sure what it is for. So is anyone from St Barnabas entering? I know nothing of the current bishop. I have not been there since Curtis was there.

  4. In anticipation of our great nation's birthday to all Canadians, happy Canada Day! To our Quebecois et Quebecoise patriotes, bonne fete nationale! Pray for us St John the Baptist, our Patron.

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