More News about Canadian Anglicans Received into the Catholic Church

I have posted some preliminary news and photos over at my new blog, Foolishness to the World, concerning the reception of Anglican Catholic of Church members from Oshawa's Good Shepherd Parish and Tyendinago Mohawk Territory's Christ the King Parish.  I have included some details about the first Anglican Use Mass for the Toronto Ordinariate group.

Rather than repeat what I have already written, I'd like to write about what it has been like since our reception into the Catholic Church on April 15.  In a word, it has been wonderful.  I was even joking with my doctor that maybe I should make an appointment to see whether the smile lasting for days was harmful to my health.

Today, I got a note from the Ottawa Archdiocese that someone was recording the whole service last Sunday and has posted the audio (and some video) on You Tube.  There are 13 tapes that you can access here.   One of them even records the moment I and others are received into the Catholic Church.  Here's the first of the series, of the entrance hymn, the introit led by Cantor Carl Reid, our former Ottawa suffragan bishop, and Archbishop Terrence Prendergast praying the Collect for Purity.  Then you hear Fr. Francis Donnelly giving the summary of the Law.

YouTube Preview Image

What joy to have this record!  On Sunday, we had the first celebration of the Eucharist in our little parish building since our Eucharistic Fast began just before Mothering Sunday.  Fr. Francis Donnelly celebrated, with Fr. Scott McCaig, who will celebrate next Sunday, in choir.  Fr. Scott is moderator of the Companions of the Cross of which Fr. Francis is a member.  This is a relatively new charismatic order of priests founded by the late Fr. Bob Bedard who was a leader in the charismatic renewal in the 70s and 80s.

Author: Deborah Gyapong

Deborah Gyapong is a member of the Sodality of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( in Ottawa, a former parish of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (Traditional Anglican Communion) whose members were received individually and corporately into the Roman Catholic Church on April 15, 2012 by Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast at St. Patrick’s Basilica. Under the provisions of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus, the community will celebrate an approved Anglican Use liturgy and hopes to soon join with other sodalities across Canada to form the Canadian Deanery of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter under Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, Ordinary. As we wait for our priest(s) to be ordained as Catholic priests, God willing, Archbishop Prendergast will provide priests to celebrate our Sunday Eucharist according to the Anglican Use. Deborah is a journalist who covers religion and politics in Canada’s national capital, writing primarily for Roman Catholic newspapers since 2004. Her novel The Defilers, published in 2006, was not a best seller, alas. She spent 17 years at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in news and current affairs, including 12 years as a television producer.

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  1. You are in good hands with the Companions of the Cross. My knowledge and involvement with them goes back to my Charismatic movement days in the 80's when I often attended talks led by Fr. Bob Bedard.

    We anticipate things will go well, here in Oshawa, once Fr. Eric Rodrigues of the Archdiocese of Toronto begins celebrating masses at the Sodality of the Good Shepherd.

    I am glad to see the website of your Sodality is up and running as well as several others. It is important we all keep informed and connected with each other as we move forward into the Ordinariate.

    As opposed to your permanent smile, I am somewhat in a state similar to shell shock and the reality of all this will not hit home, until we have our Anglican Use Mass on Sunday in a parish setting. However, I was a little teary eyed at points during the reception liturgies in Ottawa and Oshawa.

  2. Dear Mrs. Gyapong: We are indebted to you because there is so far no website up (that I know of) for the Deanery-to-be of Canada in the Ordinaraite of the Chair of St. Peter.

    Question 1: Has Fr. Chris Le Page of P.E.I. come across? The TAC removed his apostolate from their website about a week ago.

    Question 2: Which Offertorium was used at the reception Mass at Ottawa?

    Question 3: I've heard that the incomers in Calgary are simply coming into the Anglican Use Church of St. John the Evangelist, formerly a Parish of the Anglican Church of Canada (Canterbury Communion). Presumably, they are in process?

    Question 4: I've heard an unconfirmed rumour that Fr. O'Rourke, from the Sodality at Edmonton, as crossed into the Roman Archdiocese. Is the rumour true? Did his Sodality come with him or is it in process? I know that the very decent Fr. Schovanek is staying in the TAC. I believe that Fr. Skublics is crossing over. What about the others? (Fr. Patterson of Medicine Hat is staying in the TAC but there were other TAC priests at Calgary and Edmonton.)

    Next: The TAC seems to have acquired a new parish for Thunder Bay, Ontario, just last week. Comments?

    Question 6: The three TAC priests of N.B. were sitting on the fence, undecided what way to go. News there?


    1. Peter,
      With regard to Question 2.
      If you go to
      and click on Bulletins under the 'News and Events' tab, you will see by clicking on the appropriate 'Bulletin' the complete rite for each Mass.
      I, fo one, am rather impressed by the celebration Mass and of Holy Week to be found there.

      Kind regards,

      John U.K.

    2. Dr. Perkins, I hope that the pre-Vatican II offertory has NOT been used, because it is simply theologically false: How could the piece of bread not yet consecrated could be already the "holy, pure and immaculate offering"?? The piece of bread offered is only, as the new offertory says , a "fruit of the work of mankind" that WILL become the Body of Christ. Even the old offertory is in facts pretty recent in the organic development of the Mass, and in no other apostolic tradition we find such an undesirable emphase on our unworthy offerings. It is so most fitting that it has been reformed to become what it is today in the Novus Ordo.
      One needs to understand that the reform of the Mass was urgent due to the various serious theological mistakes that had slipped in it during the course of times, such as this one (or the solemn absolution after the confiteor). And it was pretty well done by the committee, even if some things that ought to have been conserved weren't (such as the prayers at the foot of the altar). Alas, liturgical abuses and the jettisoning of latin and of any sensus liturgicus caused conservative folks to cling to an imperfect and outdated form of the Mass. With time, the 2 forms will probably merge, and some problems existing in both will be solved.
      Also, for your hate of gothic chasubles, it seems well that it is exactly the type that was used during the apostolic times till the baroque era:

      + PAX et BONUM

      1. Henri,

        I am flabbergasted at your reply from last year, which I missed. Your reading on liturgy is obviously thin. The point of the reformers was to remove any references to propitiatory Sacrifice in the Offertory so as to make the Mass œcumenically acceptable. When used with E.P. No. 2, and given the removal of the Placeat Tibi at the end of Mass, it becomes possible to have a Mass which, by its omissions, is completely acceptable to Protestants, as it can be interpreted as a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving alone. The anticipatory references to the Divine Victim in the Offertory are meant to reinforce the central meaning of the Mass as explained both in the 22nd Session of the Council of Trent and in No. 7 of the corrected GIRM of 1970 (the 1969 version, thank God never having been promulgated, as it was heretical).

        You need to read the analysis of Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci of this horrid new Offertory of the New Mass, with its emphasis on what man has given to God (instead of the reverse) and on a meal rather than a Sacrifice, and on Cranmer's 'spiritual drink'.

        Your complaint about anticipation is balderdash. In most of the ancient Eastern Divine Liturgies, there is the same anticipation at the Offertory (theirs being made at the beginning of Mass, behind the iconostasis). And, in the Eastern case, it is as direct as one can imagine. The Cherubic Hymn of the Byzantine Rite is another example and, at the Great Entrance, they bow before the antitypes of the Sacrifice in the unconsecrated species. Also, the Secret Prayers, including many in the N.O., also speak of the Divine Victim before the Consecration. So you'd have to toss out all the Eastern and Western liturgies as being defective for using the rhetorical device of anticipation. In fact, the anticipation is a means of emphasis to concentrate attention of the central meaning of the Mass: it is an unbloody Sacrifice of Christ wherewith His intention is exactly the same as that had at Calvary, so as to make available His merits to the living and the dead. That central meaning is what Protestants denied. Therefore, it had to go in the new Offertory.

        The framing prayers of the pre-conciliar Offertory are classic expressions of the nature of the Sacrifice to be effected. I mean the Suscipe sancte Pater and the Suscipe sancta Trinitas. They have been removed and replaced by a vapid meal ritual having almost no theological content, and certainly not a Catholic one. The only good thing that can be said about the New Offertory is that it fails to invalidate the Mass. Instead, it merely undermines the essential catechetical function of the Liturgy.

        The New Offertory is a serious error, and the Sacred Liturgy cannot be fixed until it is utterly abolished and the admirable old one restored.

        Your rant about the Indulgentiam is another canard. It was only a 'need' to remove an absolution for venial sins because Protestants deny the power of the priest to absolve.


    3. I think it might be best that Fr. Chris speaks to this issue for himself. In meeting him in Oshawa, my impression is that he has not come over yet,but is in the process of working things out. I know that he has a number of traditional RCA supporters that are hoping that he will offer the Extraordinary Form of the mass on a regular basis for them. I think Fr. Chris's situation will be resolved soon. I am also wondering why he would be removed from the ACCC website while he is still in the process of resolving a number of issues.

  3. I understand Fr. Chris Lepage was the cantor when the Oshawa Parish of the Good Shepherd was received last Sunday. But I do not know details about him or the others.

    Someone who is better equipped to answer your liturgy question should chime in.

    I have no news about other individuals and it is better not to speculate about them. I hope people will check in and give us updates from across the country.

    Over at my Foolishness to the World blog I have posted some news about St. John the Evangelist sodality in Calgary and Lee Kenyon posted a lengthy update in a recent post.

    1. I only just learned — to late to see them — that an ersatz "William Tighe" has attempted to use my name on this blog. The same thing happened somewhat over a year ago, maybe closer to two years ago, on (IIRC) this blog and on the lamented "Liturgical Notes." In that case the false posts originated in England.

  4. I only just learned — to late to see them — that an ersatz "William Tighe" has attempted to use my name on this blog. The same thing happened somewhat over a year ago, maybe closer to two years ago, on (IIRC) this blog and on the lamented "Islington Gay Scene Blog." In that case the false posts originated in England.

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