Catholic Online Articles: Part One

The well-known website, Catholic Online, is doing a series of articles called "Seeds of the Ordinariate". Part one is about our own Fr. Christopher Phillips and his parish, Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio, Texas. You can read it by clicking the link here.

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  1. Our Lady of the Atonement Church is absolutely the best at being Anglican Catholic. It is a beautiful example of Anglican Patrimony, especially with its emphasis on the school. It was interesting to read that the Archbishop has not given permission for the Anglican Use crown jewel to enter the Ordinariate. What's up with that? Are there any other Anglican Use parishes who have not been granted permission? Or is it just a matter of timing – that the Ordinariate must be established first in order to grant permission?

    1. It would seem to me to be premature to ask or grant permission to join something that doesn't yet exist.

      On a related note, Rocco Palmo over at the generally spot-on Whispers In the Loggia blog, perhaps teases us with the comment “…things already blipping the wires, all set to go up in the very first days (even hours) of 2012…”

      The deep breath before the plunge!

      And as 2011 winds down, watch this for the top 10 signs of Catholic hope in 2011. I'd be willing to bet the erection of an American ordinariate makes the list for 2012.

      1. That was a very odd question of Cardinal DiNardo's at the last bishops' conference, and he ended by saying "so I have to say that is what I want". Why did he not make the statement then that he had already approved them to go in, and of course even if he has won't the ordinary have to say that it is what he wants as well? Our Lady of Walsingham has already received the nod from the ordinary?

    2. Communities have been received into the Church by Cardinal Wuerl and Bishop Vann with the express intent that it would join the Ordinariate once it is established. The two bishops most involved with the establishment of the Ordinariate then had not problem with giving permission for these communities to be transferred prior to the official erection of the Ordinariate. I don't see why any other bishop could not have granted their permission in advance.

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