It's Really Not That Much Time

It may seem like a life-time, but it was only two years ago today, on the Commemoration of St. Charles Borromeo, that the Holy Father issued the Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum coetibus. Already there is one Ordinariate in existence, and we are on the eve of the establishment of the American Ordinariate, with Canada and Australia not far behind. Other places throughout the world will surely follow.

I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating, that when the Pastoral Provision was approved in 1980, it was more than three years before the first of the Anglican Use parishes was established. I know we're impatient, but this whole thing has moved very quickly.

I hope each of us will offer a prayer of thanksgiving today for this great gift, remembering especially the Holy Father, and all those responsible for the implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus.

Author: Fr. Christopher Phillips

Fr. Christopher G. Phillips is the pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he has served for the past twenty-eight years. He is the founding pastor of the first Anglican Use parish, erected in 1983 under the terms of the Pastoral Provision. Fr. Phillips was ordained as an Anglican for the Diocese of Bristol, England, in 1975. After serving as Curate for three years at St. Stephen Southmead, he returned to the United States and served in two Episcopal parishes in the Diocese of Rhode Island. In 1981 he left the Episcopal Church and moved with his family to Texas, where he was subsequently ordained as a Catholic priest in 1983. Fr. Phillips and his wife, JoAnn, have been married for forty years. They have five children, all grown and married, and three grandchildren.

14 thoughts on “It's Really Not That Much Time”

  1. Thanks for marking the anniversary, Father.

    At the time, I was asked how long I thought this would take to get going. My response? Six months to two years. Shows how much I know!

    1. Although this is the country where immediate gratification takes too long, from the blogging in other parts of the world, it doesn't seem that impatience is confined to this country.

  2. St Charles Borromeo, pastor and reformer, pray for Anglicans and all Christians that we may be faithful while the Holy Spirit works amongst us making all things new through the apostolic constitution of our holy Father Benedict XVI. Build in us the cardinal virtues of courage, wisdom, justice and temperance as we are infused with faith, hope and love. We ask all this through Jesus Christ our prophet, priest, king and redeemer. Amen.

  3. Canadians are an impatient bunch as well. As I await this, I have been consoled by the wonderful celebrations of the Tridentine Latin Mass that Una Voce Toronto has provided for us more traditional Catholics ( some of us former Anglicans, even current Anglicans sometimes attending-though not receiving) on such feast days as All Saints. We are all hopeful, both former Anglicans and cradle Roman Catholics involved in the traditional movement in the Church, that the Ordinariate in Canada may be established soon. We are all, in some respects, birds of a same feather. I look forward to receiving communion on the next All Saints Day at the same altar rail with my Ordinariate brothers and sisters.

  4. Albeit the good Father is quite correct in all he says, my impetuous nature cannot forget the additional years some of us have endured since Portsmouth. Impatience is definitely my anti-virtue.

  5. We at St Augustine of Canterbury, Carlsbad, California, will begin a novena this coming Sunday leading up to the next Bishops' Conference. Cardinal Wuerl is scheduled to provide information on the Ordinariate at that time. The novena will focus our prayers 1) in thanksgiving for the Holy Father 2) the upcoming Ordinariate 3) our first Ordinary 4) St. Margaret's Catholic Parish, Oceanside, CA, which has encouraged us in our journey Home, and 5) for all of us awaiting our reception into the Catholic family via the Ordinariate.

  6. Filipinos are waiting for the American Ordinariate. The first Protestant Episcopal missionaries to our country were Anglo Catholic. The American Ordinariate will close the circle!

  7. It certainly is to be hoped that the Ordinariate will be announced not later than the USCCB conference, perhaps allowing Cardinal Wuerl to do so. One really does not know what to make of the process taking this long, although one could perhaps surmise that in part it has been due to the fact that althoguh AC did not seem to require the national bishops conference to head up the effort that has been the fact in practice, and they are busy with many things. In addiiton, I have to note, as I have done before, that when the ecclesiastical really really want something, they can get it done quite rapdily. If recollection serves, the Fraternity of Saint Peter was erected within a matter of days after Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated the four bishops, and when the ill-fated Society of Saint John folks were coming over from Winona, Bishop Timlin (of Sranton) approved that society within a matter of a few weeks if not days (yes, I know one could say that proves the point about moving slower, but nonetheless it shows how fast things can move).

    Nevetheless, I agree that once the deed is done, we can all get on down the road, as we say here in Texas.

  8. "Adam lay y'bounden, bounden in a bond
    Four thousand winters thought he not too long"

    Are there odds on an announcement next week?

    1. With my "go to" source, Rocco Palmo, yet to blog about the upcoming USCCB meeting, I have nothing on which to base optimism or pessimissm regarding an announcement.

      1. Ditto, though a tweet on the USCCB website now lists the dates for their Fall General Assembly as November 14 and 15, not 14–17 as originally listed.

        The official agenda item of immediate interest reads:
        “An update by Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl of Washington on the process of incorporating Anglican groups into the U.S. Catholic Church under Pope Benedict XVI’s 2009 apostolic constitution ‘Anglicanorum coetibus.’”

  9. Let's see. First of all, most of this Pope's significant events occurred on days of symbolic importance. I can prove this by references, if need be (examples: lifting of the excommunications for the S.S.P.X, S.P., U.E.). The Patroness of the Americas is Our Lady of Guadeloupe. On the local calendars in the Americas, that falls on 12th December. 12th December is also the day after Gaudete Sunday, marking the beginning of a week of joy in the midst of Advent. Rome has also said that the ordinariate should be erected this autumn. Autumn ends on 20th December.

    I'll predict erection of the American ordinariate on Monday, 12th December, 2011. It will be called the Ordinariate of our Lady of Guadeloupe, thereby neatly matching the one in England that is also dedicated to our Lady. I'm afraid that the Canadian incomers will also be stuck in this and might not get a separate ordinariate but we shall see.

    So who will the personal ordinary be? I hope that it will be Fr. Christopher Phillips if only because he at least knows that the B.D.W. is in serious need of repair, and the sort of repair he has in mind is quite good, I think. After all, to his credit, he did favour something better than what was granted in 1983. Of course, his liking for John Paul II is something to be regretted but that is another matter entirely.


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