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First of all, a hat tip to our webmaster, who (I surmise) caught and corrected the error in the URL for the full version of The Pondering Heart posted on Scribd.

Since that posting, I have also put up (1) a shorter, rosary-only, version of the work, which omits the prefatory and postscriptive material, and (2) folders containing the material for the individual sets of mysteries which may be printed on legal-sized paper, folded and convently carried in purse or pocket.

Author: Fr. Sam Edwards

Fr. Samuel L. Edwards has recently established The Pondering Heart, which can be briefly, if inadequately, described as "An Ecumenical Catholic Apostolate" that grew out of what began as a private project to create a vade mecum for use with the Holy Rosary. He is a native of Waynesville, North Carolina and recently has returned there. An honors graduate of Brevard College, The American University (Washington, DC), and Nashotah House Seminary (Wisconsin), he has served churches in north central Texas, southern Maryland and central Alabama. For seven years he was the Executive Director of Forward in Faith, North America, then the largest organization of traditional Anglicans in The Episcopal Church, during which he traveled and spoke widely, both in the United States and abroad. After 29 years in The Episcopal Church (23 of them as a member of the clergy), he became part of the Continuing Anglican movement in 2002. He was Vicar of Saint Peter’s Church in Waynesville until the end of 2010, at which time he stepped down to prepare for entry into the Catholic Church, preferably through the hoped-for Ordinariate for the United States. Presently he is a member of the Pro-diocese of the Holy Family in the TAC’s Patrimony of the Primate. Fr. Edwards’ ministry always has had a strong focus on teaching. He is the author of numerous articles on religious, social, historical and political topics, both in church publications and secular newspapers. He has also written two books (neither published as yet) – Constitution and Institution on the renewal of ecclesiology (the doctrine about the Church) and The Pondering Heart: A Rosary for all Christians. He is also engaged in a long and intermittent project of organizing his instructional material into another book with the working title, The Great Belonging: Basics of Christian Teaching and Practice. Fr. Edwards was a contender for a seat in the North Carolina General Assembly’s House of Representatives in the General Election of 2010, and though he was not elected, he turned in a strong showing against a well-financed incumbent, garnering more than 45% of the vote. He is currently a candidate for the Board of Alderman in Waynesville. Fr. Edwards and his wife, Kay, have been married for over 30 years. They have two grown children and one grandson.

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