Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia Event

The St. Thomas of Canterbury Anglican Use Society of Washington, DC and Northern Virginia will hold an Anglican Use Requiem Mass on Sept. 11, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Annandale, VA. The Mass will be offered for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives in the attack of 9/11.

The celebrant will be Fr. Eric Bergman of the St. Thomas More Society, who will also be speaking at St. James' Catholic Church in nearby Falls Church, VA on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 10-11, at 7:30 p.m., at the invitation of the Institute of Catholic Culture (ICC). The talks, entitled "Roots of Immorality," will focus on the fallout from the 1930 Lambeth Conference.

Full details can be found here.

Author: Fr. Christopher Phillips

Fr. Christopher G. Phillips is the pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he has served for the past twenty-eight years. He is the founding pastor of the first Anglican Use parish, erected in 1983 under the terms of the Pastoral Provision. Fr. Phillips was ordained as an Anglican for the Diocese of Bristol, England, in 1975. After serving as Curate for three years at St. Stephen Southmead, he returned to the United States and served in two Episcopal parishes in the Diocese of Rhode Island. In 1981 he left the Episcopal Church and moved with his family to Texas, where he was subsequently ordained as a Catholic priest in 1983. Fr. Phillips and his wife, JoAnn, have been married for forty years. They have five children, all grown and married, and three grandchildren.

10 thoughts on “Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia Event”

  1. I see the flyer states that the 1930 conference took place in the city of Lambeth. There is no city of Lambeth. It doesn't bode well for the rest of the talk.

  2. Could the nit-picking criticism have anything to do with hostility towards Fr. Bergman's thesis? Things that make you go hmmm, indeed.

    I'm sure Father Bergman will do just fine.

  3. Contraception is the gateway to the culture of death which now afflicts us. The 1930 Lambeth Conference paved the way. Tell it like it is Fr. Bergman.

  4. Fr. Michael, please keep in mind that Fr. Bergman did not prepare the flyer. I assure you that he knows exactly where the Lambeth Conference of 1930 took place, and more importantly, it's implications. This is a wonderful opportunity to inform Catholics and our Protestant brethren in the Washington/No. Virginia area about why the Anglican Communion (and the wider culture) are in such a state nowadays.

    You can listen online (or download in MP3 format) any of the Institute of Catholic Culture talks going back several years at the following address:

    Fr. Bergman's talk will eventually be posted there, too. Give it a listen and see what you think!

  5. Ah yes, HIM again. I just hope Fr. Eric makes clear what was intended (unfortunately) and what happened (more unfortunately). Vatican II liturgy sound familiar? I'm sure he will do just fine, no problem.

    Heide Seward, thanks for the link. Looks excellent.

  6. Anyone knows what either fr sloane or fr davenport think of the ordinariate? I have not been in the dc area for some time. Are they still down there? Any people from either parish show any interest?

  7. From what I've seen at St Paul's K St, there is no interest at all in any alternatives to TEC. While the official line is that nothing will be done to offend those of orthodox catholic persuasion, they are about to welcome yet another episcopess with open arms and generally soft-pedal any contentious issues.

  8. "they are about to welcome yet another episcopess with open arms"

    "Flaminica," please, rather than the barbarous "episcopess," since all Christians know nothing of episcopesses, and terming them "flaminicae" maintains the view of their essentially pagan and anti-Christian nture.

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