Ordinariate Group to Be Received

This came to my in-box this morning:

Dear friends in Christ,

On Sunday, September 25, at 2 in the afternoon, the first of our group of people (The Community of St. Peter the Rock) who will be members of the Anglican Ordinariate within the Catholic Church will be received and Confirmed by Bishop Kevin Vann at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Fort Worth. I know not all of you can be with us for this joyous occasion. Of your charity, I ask that you remember us in your prayers at Mass on that day and that you give thanks with us to God for this wonderful blessing.

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you…”

Fr. Timothy Perkins
The Community of St. Peter the Rock
A Fort Worth-area Ordinariate Fellowship

The members of the Community of St. Peter the Rock have been in the prayers of many of us as they have been preparing for their reception into full Catholic communion. This group is comprised of former members of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, and the community is some of the fruit of the strong Anglo-catholic tradition which was so much a part of that diocese. Let's continue to pray for them as they receive the great blessings of being in full communion with the See of Peter, and may there be many more who join them in the months and years to come!

Author: Fr. Christopher Phillips

Fr. Christopher G. Phillips is the pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he has served for the past twenty-eight years. He is the founding pastor of the first Anglican Use parish, erected in 1983 under the terms of the Pastoral Provision. Fr. Phillips was ordained as an Anglican for the Diocese of Bristol, England, in 1975. After serving as Curate for three years at St. Stephen Southmead, he returned to the United States and served in two Episcopal parishes in the Diocese of Rhode Island. In 1981 he left the Episcopal Church and moved with his family to Texas, where he was subsequently ordained as a Catholic priest in 1983. Fr. Phillips and his wife, JoAnn, have been married for forty years. They have five children, all grown and married, and three grandchildren.

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    1. I believe they have been meeting at a Catholic diocesan facility, and will continue to do so for the time being. However, if Fr. Perkins or someone from the Community would like to send in the information, I'll be happy to update the post with location and Mass schedule.

      1. Are they still planning on entering the Ordinariate? I recall the priests speaking at the AU Conference and also Bishop Vann who has been very supportive.

        1. Sorry I guess I missed the part about being Ordinariate bound. If St. Peter's can be received into the Church before the Ordinariate is established, can other groups who are prepared also be received? I would assume that part of the reason is that Bishop Vann is 100% behind the community.

            1. I also had the same question, and I was feeling like I must have missed something, but I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone.

  1. Does this mean that the Ordinariate will be established by the 25th?! Or does it mean that the parish will be part of the local RC diocese until the Ordinariate is established? Either way, EXCITING NEWS!!! God bless them, and they will be in my prayers!

  2. I guess I'm glad for them, but this makes no sense to my little brain. Did I miss the establishment of the US Ordinariate? What about all of us others waiting to move forward. Nobody told us that this was part of the deal. Is membership by invitation only?

  3. The Community of St. Peter the Rock, when they are received, will be simply a group of the Faithful within the Catholic Diocese of Forth Worth. I don't know if they will be given some particular canonical standing as a group, but because their status in the diocese is very temporary, there wouldn't be any need for that.

    Their decision to move forward with being received is an option for anyone who is prepared, but not yet in full Catholic communion. For the Anglican clergy it means that they would cease any Anglican ministry, and for any community taking this action, it would mean either attending a local diocesan parish or having a Catholic priest ministering to them as a group, until the Ordinariate is established.

    Some are making the decision that this is the right move at this time. Others are choosing to wait until their clergy can begin the formation process. These are decisions which properly belong to those who comprise the Ordinariate-bound groups. Those in the Catholic hierarchy are not telling them they have to do this, but there are bishops who are most willing to receive people who will be in a kind of "holding pattern" until they can take their place in the Ordinariate.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS for Fr. Timothy and all his congregation, for sure God blesses all his efforts in a great manner. If God recognized his efforts we should do the same: the Bishop of Fort Worth should know what he is doing, no question about it. GREAT!

  5. As Fr. Phillips explained, we are entering as a group of the faithful within the Diocese of Fort Worth. We will receive sacramental ministrations in local parishes of the diocese but will continue to gather as a community as we await the establishment of an American Ordinariate. Presently we have three regional fellowships that gather together for worship and catechesis each Sunday in the Chapel of the Catholic Center of the diocese. On Wednesday evenings, each fellowship meets locally. One group has use of an Oratory that was prepared for them by a local Catholic family within their office building, another uses a local parish Church or a Campus Ministry Chapel, and another meets in homes.

    Bishop Vann has been entirely supportive of the formation of our community, and those who are being received at this time received instruction from a team of catechists provided by the diocese, which began in July of 2010 and was completed this past Lent . In August, we began a second offering of RCIA, again with the assistance of those with whom we have previously networked and under the direction of the Director of Catechesis of the Diocese of Fort Worth.

    I hope this comment is helpful. Like all of you, we wait with prayerful longing for the Ordinariate to be established. Please rejoice with us in this next important step on the journey.

  6. Wonderful news and Many Years to Saint Peter the Rock congregation (sorry but that name 'the Rock' is annoying to me, seems strange).

    Must not forget others are entering in the same manner:

    " St. Luke's will be received into the Roman Catholic Church at 9:30 am on October 9, 2011 in the Crypt Church at the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC; His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl celebrating."

    St. Luke's Episcopal Church Bladensburg, MD has its own property and sanctuary.

    1. For those interested, the Ordinary for Ordinariate in England and Wales Msgr Keith Newton will be celebrant and preacher the following Sunday at St. Luke's: October 16, 2011 at 10am.

  7. Congratulations, many blessings to your community and the World through your actions and the abundant graces that will be poured out.

  8. I am filled with joy for the news about the reception of the faithful of Saint Peter the Rock and Saint Luke congregations. It also stirs feeling of sadness in me to know that I am not as yet in full-communion with the Roman Catholic Church and remain in a state of prayerful waiting for a letter from the CDF that some clergy have already received inviting them to proceed to the next step of preparation toward being received into the Roman Catholic Church as deacons and priests. There is a new kind of spiritual discernment that must accompany my understanding of how the Holy Spirit is working through the Roman Catholic Church in forming and gathering the faithful for the U.S. ordinariate. It is reminiscent of the biblical story of Job waiting for God to respond in the midst of his painful search for God's plan for his life. Maybe the lessons of Job speak to some of us who wait with little response about whether we have found favor in God's sight to be a part of the U.S. ordinariate. As painful as the waiting might be, we continue to humbly cry out to God's to receive us. Lord, hear our prayer.

  9. I too am very happy for both St. Peter the Rock and St. Luke's and thank the Lord with them. Although I am not in the U.S.A., I would be grateful to receive any information at all about the pending erection of the new U.S. Ordinariate.

    Do we know when it is likely to be announced? Is there to be a diaconal and priestly ordination of Anglican bishops as a preliminary to the establishment of the Ordinariate, as was the case in the U.K.? Or is the Ordinary likely to be someone who is already a Catholic priest?

    Is there perhaps a problem which has arisen and is causing the Ordinariate to be delayed?

    I too am in limbo at the moment, waiting as I am – with others – to get the official all clear to start functioniing as an ordinariate exploratory group of expats in Europe. Patience not being one of my virtues, I can feel with you all.

  10. I am a former Episcopalian, now a Roman Catholic, living in the Detroit, Michigan area. I love the Catholic Church–there is a much greater sense of joy in the Mass than anything I ever experienced in the Episcopal Church. I find 'Lifting-up my heart,' to truly describe what I experience during the Eucharist. I also find the homilies in the Roman Church to be much more life affirming, on point, and intellectually honest than those I typically heard as an Episcopalian.

    Most Episcopal priests are surprisingly–and often willfully–ignorant of the Catholic Church. One former rector of mine was downright snarky when I told him I had become a Catholic. (The best argument he could come-up with was Papal Infallibility.)

    That having been said, there are things about the Anglican Rite that I miss, and would be very interested in joining with other converts from Anglicanism should the opportunity so to do arise in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

    I used to be a very active lay person in the Diocese of Maryland, including two terms on the Vestry of St. Peter's, Ellicott City, Maryland–a parish with an historic connection to the Cowley Fathers. I would joyfully offer my services to any group in the Detroit area.

    I would also be interested in corresponding with any other former Anglicans, or with those contemplating 'Crossing the Tiber'.

    Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.

    Yours in Christ,

    Martin Stern

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