Canada: The Straight Story

Many of the blogs have been buzzing with reports about preparations for the Ordinariate in Canada being “on hold," as far as the Anglican Catholics are concerned. Some bloggers have incorrectly reported that this was a decision made by the Holy See; others have tried to make the case that the ACCC was having second thoughts about the whole thing. None of that’s true.

Using “leaked” emails, all sorts of things have been reported, including such things as “all the ACCC parishes are to be closed down,” and “ACCC people will have to attend territorial Catholic parishes, where they will be catechized,” and the list goes on, each measure sounding more and more draconian.

Archbishop Collins called me after all this broke out in the media and on the blogs, so I had the opportunity to ask him directly about these things. Did he really issue these orders? Were they presented to the members of the ACCC with his approval?

The short answer is, “no.” He told me quite plainly that it wouldn’t have entered his mind to suggest that the ACCC parishes be closed down. He has no intention whatsoever of telling those who are Ordinariate-bound that they must attend the local Catholic parish. He knows that people are being catechized now, and that will continue, with the mentor-priests being available to help. It’s not the intention of the archbishop that the mentor-priests are to “take over.” We spoke about the preparation of the clergy. If there are some who need further studies, there will be programs for that, taking into account individual circumstances and personal responsibilities. Clergy won’t be rejected simply because they need some supplemental studies. When it comes to the holding of property, the archbishop stated without hesitation that determining property issues isn’t part of his task as delegate.

The archbishop understands that his responsibility is to prepare things for the implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus. That’s all. In fact, many of these issues will belong more properly to the Ordinariate when it is erected, and will be dealt with, long-term, by the Ordinary and the Governing Council of Priests. I know the archbishop looks forward to the time when his task is finished, and Anglicanorum coetibus is fully implemented. In fact, aren't we all!

Author: Fr. Christopher Phillips

Fr. Christopher G. Phillips is the pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he has served for the past twenty-eight years. He is the founding pastor of the first Anglican Use parish, erected in 1983 under the terms of the Pastoral Provision. Fr. Phillips was ordained as an Anglican for the Diocese of Bristol, England, in 1975. After serving as Curate for three years at St. Stephen Southmead, he returned to the United States and served in two Episcopal parishes in the Diocese of Rhode Island. In 1981 he left the Episcopal Church and moved with his family to Texas, where he was subsequently ordained as a Catholic priest in 1983. Fr. Phillips and his wife, JoAnn, have been married for forty years. They have five children, all grown and married, and three grandchildren.

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  1. Thank you, Father, for once again keeping us all straight, and for getting the real story behind all the confusion.

    As we each anxiously await the erection of whatever Ordinariate we may eventually belong to, it is important to remember those famous words from long ago…

    "Just the facts, ma'am; just the facts."


  2. Does anyone know who started these rumors? How do those people entering the Ordinariates keep their faith, when no official will make a statement clarifying the truth?

    I am sure that everyone who reads the Anglo Catholic are greatful to you Fr. Phillips for informing us of your conversaton with Bishop Collins. Hopefully he understands that there are some who are trying to discourage Anglicans from accepting the Holy Father's offer and it might move the implementation of the Ordinariates along quicker.

    As you well know I am one of those who gets upset when reading all the negative comments on some sites, not that I believe them, however, they do plant seeds that maybe something might be partially true.

    What would we do without your calm and positive attitude and informing us of what is actually happening? Thank you for all your support.

    1. Gay,

      I believe in one of the comboxes at VOL about this story, the leak is from one of those who vocally left the ACCC to remain a continuing Anglican. David Virtue gets most of his ordinariate stories sent to him by those opposed to the ordinariate. As I was told a few months ago, VOL will give those who oppose the Ordinariate a forum so their voice will be heard.


      1. Thanks Fr. Mark, I always wonder how VOL proclaims to know more than our own clergy who are very close to what is actually going on with the Ordinariates. I am also vulnerable at times and try to uphold the Catholic Church to those who are making untrue claims. I can say, there are so many others that in a few words do such a better job than I.

    2. Dear Gay,

      How do we keep our faith while awaiting the establishment of an Ordinariate in Canada? By trusting in God. Spera in Deo, is the key phrase of the day. If the Bishops of the ACCC think that a statement is necessary, then they will issue one. Just because someone writes something on a blog or posts a story on VirtueOnline, relating to the ACCC, does not mean that a official response from the Bishops is required. The process of setting up the Ordinariate is going to take some time and patience with the process is something that we need to possess.


    3. Gay, if a story is nonsensical from the start, to issue a clarifying statement would only add credence to such said story. If it smells like it isn't coming from God, then it isn't coming from God. Hmm, I was sure I detected a whiff of sulphur whilst reading that article from VOL…..

      1. Father,

        Mr Wood is one of those commentors on VOL who is very anti-ordinariate. He, like Herb, will come here to spread misinformation and generally behave poorly.


        1. A dreadful comment and not worthy of you, sir. None of those, including myself, who have decided, as Archbishop Collins advised (For those who disagree with recent trends in Anglicanism, but who do not want to become Catholics, in communion with the Pope and accepting the whole faith presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, there are various other options; they clearly would not want to join an ordinariate established according to Anglicanorum Coetibus.) to seke those 'other options' has any ill-will towards those who find that the ordinariate option is for them: indeed, we wish them well in this momentous decision.

          1. 816 "The sole Church of Christ [is that] which our Savior, after his Resurrection, entrusted to Peter's pastoral care, commissioning him and the other apostles to extend and rule it. . . . This Church, constituted and organized as a society in the present world, subsists in (subsistit in) the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the bishops in communion with him."

            The Second Vatican Council's Decree on Ecumenism explains: "For it is through Christ's Catholic Church alone, which is the universal help toward salvation, that the fullness of the means of salvation can be obtained. It was to the apostolic college alone, of which Peter is the head, that we believe that our Lord entrusted all the blessings of the New Covenant, in order to establish on earth the one Body of Christ into which all those should be fully incorporated who belong in any way to the People of God."

          2. Sorry Fr David but not all feel as you.

            Mr Wood, Herb etal troll various blogs spreading mis-information and make some very vile comments about Catholics and those seeking to join through the Ordinariate. They do not leave us in peace. though we have not gone to their sites to berate them for staying. Just as we have no ill will toward you. Unfortunately they are vocal and a minority (we hope) who vent their spleen constantly here, on VOL and other sites.

            As to a dreadful comment……no it is not. A truthful one, yes based upon experience here, the continuum blog, VOL and others.

            Our moderators have had to remove some of their comments due to the nature of what is said and how it was said.

          3. Gentlemen:

            For all these claims of wild rumours, I wonder how people here explain the quotation marks around Archbishop Hepworth's supposed words in the purportedly leaked letter. It was in the Guardian article and it was in the V.O.L. one. Is this all a direct lie, then? Were these really Abp. Hepworth's words or not?

            I have no idea but one possibility is that Archbishop Collins has received a call from Rome and is, shall we say, 're-presenting his policy so as to make it clearer'. I don't claim this to be true. I have no idea what is true in this matter. But I do have very good reason to believe that there is some sort of conflict in the air. I pray it may end and that the good people in the TAC will be protected.

            Perhaps prayer would be better than additional comment at this point. What I want most is what is best for the TAC in Canada.

            I agree with Fr. Marriott that it is perfectly honourable to take another route. Everyone should be honest with himself or herself in deciding whether or not to favour the ordinariate option.


  3. Yes, thank you Father for posting this response. Father Robert (I'm the true Pope) Hart has been making hay with this story in a "I TOLD YOU SO" way. He believes everything he's told that is negative. Go figure. Such Christian love.

    1. Father Robert (I'm the true Pope) Hart has been making hay with this story in a "I TOLD YOU SO" way. He believes everything he's told that is negative.

      You concede him too much intellectual honesty.

    2. This whole situation reminds me so much of the Lutheran-to-nothing-to-Pentecostal-to-Evangelical-to-Catholic journey of someone very dear to me. As this woman began to occasionally attend Catholic Masses with me, she began to hear the subtle call of the Holy Spirit.

      Initially she didn’t share her experiences with her evangelical friends, but eventually she began to discuss her journey and discovery of truth with a few close friends. Most gently tried to refute her new beliefs or convince her she was making a mistake, but the most disturbing things I discovered were the “Christian” websites her friends were referring her to. These website’s use of deceit to lure Catholics away from the Church was beyond the pale.

      How could any Christian think that using lies, distortions, gossip, partial truths and other sins was a way to lead people to Christ?

  4. The good Archbishop has eviscerated the pessimists. This is now a lesson for us that the next time VOL or its comrades-at-arms lob a grenade our way we can know it's a dud. Why are they so scared of a successful Ordinariate?

  5. So, does this mean that the preparation for a Canadian Ordinariate is not actually "on hold," or is it? If so, and not because of matters of catechesis or priestly formation, then why?

    1. The ACCC is a legal & corporate entity under Canadian law. Entering the ordinariate en bloc essentially requires the "winding up" of that legal entity with all the associated practical and legal issues that that entails.

      1. Is that the sole reason why things are "on hold" up there? Is there a reason why no one involved in this process simply announced that through the appropriate channels–including this blog? This entire development is rather odd.

  6. Fr. Reece,

    You asked, "Why are they so scared of a successful Ordinariate?"

    My guess is that some see a successful Ordinariate as a threat to their worldview of the Catholic Church. After all, when the Ordinariates succeed they will stand as further proof of the Truth and honesty of the Catholic Church in Rome. Furthermore, the Ordinariates will be a constant reminder that true Christian unity requires being under the authority of the Holy Father – the Pope; something many Protestants just can't fathom.


  7. I've been watching with no little wonderment the very smooth way the Ordinariate is unfolding in England. But it was not for nothing that the Pope placed it under the jurisdiction of the Holy Office which even under its new name is not the dicastery with which I'd choose to pick a fight.

    I think the problem may originate from the Antipodes and the Primate of the TAC who was an ordained a priest in the Catholic Church who then defected.

    The complementary norms are categoric on this – see Article 6.2.:-

    "Those who have been previously ordained in the Catholic Church and subsequently have become Anglicans, may not exercise sacred ministry in the Ordinariate. Anglican clergy who are in irregular marriage situations may not be accepted for Holy Orders in the Ordinariate."

    It may be that the penny has now dropped and Father/Archbishop Hepworth of the Traditional Anglican Communion may have realised that for him the way back into the fold of Mother Church may involve something very traditional – such as a petition to the Cardinal Penitentiary followed by a quite substantial period of reflection as a lay brother in some austere monastery rather than Mgr Newton's meteoric translation from CofE "flying bishop" to RC Apostolic Protonotary.

    1. I think that's a wee bit unfair. The TAC Primate did say, on more than one occasion, that if the price of the TAC entering into full communion with Rome involved him laying down his crozier and picking up his fishing rod, he'd do it gladly. I think we should wait for a clarification from the TAC Primate's office before speculating further in that direction. It's entirely possible that he fell prey to some clever misinformation. Misinformation is, after all, one of Satan's best weapons, and it stands to reason that he'll be deploying it tactically.

      The important story here, I think, is that Fr Christopher Phillips has obtained a straight response from the Catholic hierarchy in Canada, which should do much to set at rest the worries that may have been awoken in the last couple of days.

      I do agree with you about the Holy Office, though. :)

      1. It's one thing to say you are willing to relinquish power and authority, quite another to do it.

        The problem is the "once a priest always a priest" doctrine. Rome is obliged to regard Hepworth as a person already in holy orders (once a priest always a priest) who has run up against the provisions of Canon 1364 (latae sententiae excommunication) with its Canon 194 consequences and with liability for Canon 1336 expiatory penalties.

        So if Hepworth would be doing the TAC a great favour if he were now to publicly announce that to facilitate the early establishment of an Ordinariate for Australia he is stepping aside to enable someone qualified to be the Ordinary to take his place and that he is going to apply to regularise his own personal situation.

        Who knows? Were he do do so, that might be regarded as quite a heroic act resulting in a considerable mitigation of penalties.

        But I fear that the breaches have been so public and so grave that there will ha to be some ecclesiastical penalty for some period of time.

        1. As he has, we are informed, been asked by Rome NOT to do that, it would seem a very foolish decision to make!

  8. Thank you for the clarification, Father.

    It has oft been said of both the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church(es) that their Achille's heel is a prodigious ability to fail to communicate at critical moments. It's not so much an Achille's heel as an Achille's lower body.

    There's not a whole lot that most of us can do to help, other than mount an assault on heaven with our prayers. My small group of Ordinariate cheer-leader friends and I will offer a daily Rosary for the Ordinariate in Canada and the ACCC, until the fog starts to clear.

  9. If this "the straight story," I wonder what an evasive non-explanation would look like.
    We are still wondering what really happened in the Toroto Cathedral? Were the visits of the "mentor priests" cancelled? If so, why? And did Abp Hepworth really write a nasty letter blasting Bp Collins? The Former-anglican Blog is only making matters worse by stone-walling the incident.

    1. another Hartite. sigh if you want twisting of information…..go back to the site you frequent so much.

      This is almost like stalking to see Wells, Herb, Wood and others continuing to come here and act as if their actions and words will show us their superior position. All it has done for me and many others, sadly, is strengthen our resolve to join Rome and to be away from such unchristian attitudes.

    2. Mr. Wells, I guess that's one of the differences we have. I'd rather enjoy the beautifully cooked sausage, rather than examining all the things that were ground up to make it.

      "Why?" "What really happened?" "Details, we want details!" That indicates a curiosity which is sometimes quite unhealthy. The straight story is exactly as I reported it — this is the archbishop's understanding of things, and the path on which he will take Anglicanorum coetibus to the point of implementation.

      1. Wells does a good job of giving his little friend Hart a run for the money as the principal spewer of vitriol for their ecclesial community.

        It is easier to understand their bigotry against The Church when one considers how inflated they view their own ecclesial community.

        Its website proclaims:

        "… We call upon all the communicants of this church to believe without reservation that deposit of Faith that has been given to the Anglican Catholic Church …"


        1. C'mon guys, cut them some slack. Maybe they'll bring up some new points to discuss like married clergy, property, or re-ordination. Or, maybe they'll cite some Anglicans to validate Anglican ecclesiology. I can't understand why you guys just can't come to grips with the fact that the four contributors to their blog and its six readers have pulled the rug out from under two millenia of Catholic dogma, the deficient works of thousands of Saints, and the theological consensus of one billion faithful.

          Man, we are a pitiful lot.

          1. Fr. Holiday –

            Don't forget they also have the market cornered on the weekend-warrior canon law opinions – Rawk! Rawk!

            In all seriousness – the real difference is that they don't like and don't trust The Church.

            For this reason they are positive that the actual application of Anglicanorum Coetibus will be done in such as way as to back up their twisted and perverted views of the imagined evil, despicable. and nasty nature of the Roman Catholic Church. Satan is always proud of them.

            The reality is that The Sole Church of Christ, led by His Vicar on Earth, intends this to be successful, to thrive, and to prosper. It is not possible to conclude otherwise if one reads the Holy Father's words in the introduction to the Apostolic Constitution.

            The Church will act for its greater good, and we who have been blessed with a strong measure of Faith will trust.

            The writer to the Hebrews reminds us well:

            "Now faith is the substance of things to be hoped for, the evidence of things that appear not."


          1. Well, he is unless Apostolica Curiae stands unrefuted. 😉

            But it appears my assumption was wrong. I'm new to this blog, and so I assumed from such things as the use of the pejorative "Hartite" above and the fact that certain of this blog's regulars participate at The Continuum that Frs. Hart and Wells were well known here. My mistake. Carry on.

            1. Actually, I'm rather ignorant when it comes to the various players. I was never part of the Continuing movement, and have been an Anglican Use priest for nearly twenty-eight years.

              In other words, I don't get out very much! :)

  10. Thank you Father Phillips.

    We can now sleep, worry-free!

    Archbishop Collins is certainly on side. While we are all getting a bit anxious, we will just wait and let things take their course to the erection of the Ordinariate.

    We are looking forward to meeting with our mentor priest.

    Thanks, again.


    PS I stopped checking out Virtue and Hart many months ago. S

  11. Father, thank you for clearing up this matter. I know one has to keep the faith in times like this, I know the devil is always at work trying to tear down the Church of God. And I suppose more of this nonsense will be coming our way until the Ordinariate is established in the US and then watch their next step…interesting times we live in.
    Blessings, L+

  12. Fr. Phillips, I sure am glad to have you around.

    You have certainly have your hands full battling this 'round the clock disinformation campaign.

  13. Thanks again Fr. Phillips, for your good offices. We all owe you a debt for your many efforts to sabotage the rumor mill.

    I think a rush to judgement against Abp. Hepwoth inappropriate. I am personally in no position to defend Abp. Hepworth's past history — nor to condemn him, as few of the things I have seen written against him have included substantiation. I have met him, in fact I had breakfast with him once, and we discussed the constitution. Whatever his past history, or his private faults, I do know he has publicly done a lot to make the apostolic constitution happen, and that he has publicly stated that he is willing to give up his own ministry in order to further it. In this case it appears to me that there may have been miscommunication and misunderstanding.

    Most importantly the letter was excerpted selectively by David Virtue, quotes may have been taken out of context, all, one strongly suspects, to present the case in the worse possible light. I suspect that the Abp. was responding to perceived injustices againt his people, and at worse he may be guilty of putting a raw emotional response in writing in a private communication — and how many of us have not made a similar mistake? This does not justify Hepworth bashing, which strikes me as uncharitable, as well as imprudent if we wish to further the success of Anglicanorum Coetibus.

    I see no reason to believe that Abp. Collins was acting with other than good will in carrying out the wishes of the Holy Father as expressed in Anglicanorum Coetibus, and his conversation with Fr,. Phillips should resolve any doubts. I further think we should be most grateful for his efforts on behalf of our Canadian Anglican Catholic brethren.

    I certainly do not want to blame anybody in this difficult situation, where I know people are working hard and with good will. However, I think there may be a valuable lesson in this, and I would like respectfully to make one suggestion. I know from military and Homeland Security Planning how important both communications between different services and organizations are, and also how important Public Affairs are. I know high clergy are busy, overworked men who have to carefully budget their time, but I would respecfully recommend that time spent on communications and getting info. out to the interested public all along saves more time than is lost by having to deal with nonsense like this. The former works to avoid such misunderstanding, and in the latter case, when people feel they are being left in the dark, it leaves a vacuum that an enemy or mischief maker is always happy to fill.

  14. I am amazed that just two blogs, VOL and Hart's blog can created such chaos. But it appears that is the reason for their existence.

    Also Mr. Wells is very lucky to be allowed to post here, as on his and Hart's blog, only a very few who are pro Ordinriate are allowed to voice their views. I tried to post several times and my posts were not nasty as theirs are, however, only one was allowed after Hart edited it with his own uncharitable remarks inserted.

    As others have said it is best not to visit these unChristian sites that take everything out of context. I will try to take this advice myself.

    1. Gay, don't be amazed that two blogs can cause so much chaos. That is the power and the danger of the internet. Perhaps we should all say a prayer before accessing the web. You can find the prayer on Fr. Z's site.

  15. Thank you very, very much, Fr. Phillips, from this now relieved ACCC regional dean! I almost had an apoplexical fit when I read the post by David Virtue(less) sent to me by one of the priests in my deanery. However, I have additional confirmation of your information from local Ordinariate-bound priests as well as our mentor priest. May God grant us fair winds as we sail into unity!

    1. My impression from here in Victoria is that there was indeed a serious problem. Until this fact is admitted, the problems in understanding the evidence on-line will continue to perplex contributors here and elsewhere. But whatever problem it may have been, it looks as if repairs are in the works. Therefore, the best route is to avoid gossiping about the problem. If some people need to avoid losing face, let us help them avoid losing it. We don't want that to interfere with the goal here, which is nothing less than an Ordinariate for Canada. Whether everyone in the Latin Church likes it or not, any such structure will likely be populated mostly be former TACers. Nobody is discoraging other Anglicans from joining but, so far, few have expressed an interest. So mote it be.


  16. Firstly, to those who are seeking the establishment of an Ordinariate in Canada, I would say that they should look at the way things are going in the UK – almost unbelieveably well – and then wonder why. I suggest the following:-

    1. You can safely bet that the Congregation for the Clergy argued for a longer period of formation for Anglican clergy before ordination. I think that until now Tiber swimmers had to wait about 2 years before being (re) ordained But that was over-ruled. Why? Because the clergy were "thinking catholic" already to the extent of to the extent of being in conflict with many of their CoE superiors. So they and their parishioners have whizzed through Evangelium, or some other RICA course in weekly sessions, the groups have been received in time for Easter and the ordinations of the clergy are proceeding so as to give each parish group their pastor as a fully ordained priest by Pentecost!

    2. If you look at the Ordinariate web site you will see that it has been announced that
    Professor the Reverend Allen Brent DD has been gone from CofE priest to RC deacon over Easter and he will be ordained priest in June – and he has already been invited to spend a year as a visiting professor at the Augustinianum (Lateran University), in Rome in 2012. That would not be happening if the good Professor's theology was in any way heterodox.

    3. The Holy Father wants this to work and the toughest part of the Curia is making sure it does. If that's been the UK experience you can be sure that that will also be the Canadian experience.

    4. So pray for the "Brentwood 7" who are being ordained Deacon this morning and who, God-willing, will also be priests by Pentecost and whose arrival will also assist the Catholic diocese with the very real problem of a shortage of clergy.

    5. And who knows? Give the process a few years and we may come to consider married priests in parishes the norm rather than the exception and that might be no bad thing.

  17. Mark Brown suggests I am spreading misinformation. I referred readers to the Catholic Herald URL where the facts are corroborated. Are you saying this is misinformation?

    I am not an anti-papist. Please show me a single "vile" comment anti RC that I have written.

    I believe that Archbishop Collins is an honourable man. The terms of the A.C. are crystal clear. The fault is with Archbishop Hepworth who had continued to misrepresent them. He told my parish: "Don't worry about them. They are just "Vaticanese".

    1. This is nonsense. You do not know that Archbishop Hepworth has misrepresented anyone. The latest story I've heard is that the mistake was caused by a miscommunication on the part of a middleman. I know more but I'd rather not say more. I suggest, however, that Archbishop Collins has changed his tune to some extent. That's my opinion but I'm not certain in it.

      If the situation is being repaired, and it now is, there should be no need to point the finger. Let's concentrate on moving forward.


    2. Mr. Singleton-Wood,

      I'm sorry, but I'm a bit confused. You state that Archbishop Hepworth spoke to your parish, but I believe your parish website states it is under the Anglican Province of Christ the King. Did I misread the website, because I apologize if that is the case.

      +Ed Steele

  18. "I referred readers to the Catholic Herald URL where the facts are corroborated."

    If you took the time to study the article more closely, you would have understood that the Catholic Herald article in question is based directly on the VOL article. The Catholic Herald links (through OrdinariatePortal) to the VOL article as the source of its information. A derivative article is not a "corroborating" source.

    "Are you saying this is misinformation?"

    Yes; Fr. Phillips already stated as much when he said of the Catholic Herald article: "that's old information which is wrapping fish and chips today."

    1. I would also point out that Anna Arco has now posted an update to her earlier story linking to this correction and to the Rocco Palma story. Ms. Arco was merely passing on the VOL story as she is now passing on its refutation.

      I would also point to Fr. Lee Kenyon's post on his Calgary Ordinariate blog. Whether Abp. Hepworth was misinformed or not, it is clear that the VOL story based on the leak of his letter is false.

  19. Then if this is misinformation, we will be hear in the near future that the TAC is joining
    the Ordinariate!

  20. There seems to be a bit of disconnect between (at least!) two interpretations of Anglicanorum Coetoribus. On the one hand, Archbishop Hepworth and some of the TAC seem to have tried to suggest that AC is expansive enough to include what they had originally hoped for: an offer to join the Catholic Church as actual or quasi-sui juris churches. On the other hand, Fr. Hart, Allan Singleton-Wood, and others seem to be representing AC as merely a spruced up version of what the Church has long had on offer: individual conversion, with an opening to accept married clergy under the Pastoral Provision.

    As we can see from the UK experience, neither of these interpretations are correct. It is an offer to become part of creating a new thing, new dioceses with their own jurisdiction, accountable directly to the Holy See, and the ability to retain an approved Anglican liturgy (which may well vary from place to place based on local experience) and other Anglican or Anglo-Catholic distinctives. Communities are to be welcomed as communities, with their own clergy at the head (where possible), and all will be incorporated into this new structure which will be headed by ordinaries who are part of their number. The TAC is no more likely to retain its existing canonical structure than the structures of the PEVs and Forward in Faith were to be retained in the UK. But neither is it the case that the UK ordinariate has simply been absorbed into the larger Roman Catholic body – its distinctiveness is being emphasized at every turn, and the previous leadership roles of its clergy are being honoured (not least by allowing ordinations within weeks, rather than months or years as has usually been the case before). From everything Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop Collins, Fr. Hurd and Fr. Phillips have said, we should expect no less in North America when ordinariates are established here. But it is far from likely that we could expect more!

  21. I think CT is right on. Now a couple of other comments.

    It appears as though once the Ordinariate is erected in Canada, the ACCC will cease to exist. (Except perhaps for those in the ACCC who do not wish to enter the Ordinariate at this time?) The 'parishes'/missions will become 'groups' in the Ordinariate, somehow.

    As Archbishop Collins said in his conversation with Father Phillips, 'assets' will be sorted out by the Ordinary!

    If we really do want to be in full communion with the Holy See, let's stop putting up barriers so that we may achieve that goal.

    If the Delegate wants us to jump through hoops (and I am not suggesting that he does), let's jump.

    Bring on the Ordinariate! The Pope has responded to our plea, let's get on with it.


  22. The Most Reverend Steele wonders why I commented that Archbishop Hepworth
    spoke to my parish, and yet my name appears on a website as a member of a non-TAC church.

    Quite simply, I was a member of St. John the Evangelist Church, an ACCC church, when the Archbishop spoke to our parish. I resigned with as a result of his misinterpretation
    of the A.C. and am now a member of St.Mark's Traditional Anglican Church, Victoria,
    with a number of other parishioners from St.John's

  23. J.M.J.

    O Lord Jesus Christ, who, when Thou wast about to suffer, didst pray for Thy disciples to the end of time that they might all be one, as Thou art in the Father, and the Father in Thee, look down in pity on the manifold divisions among those who profess Thy faith, and heal the many wounds which the pride of man and the craft of Satan have inflicted upon Thy people.

    Break down the walls of separation which divide one party and denomination of Christians from another. Look with compassion on the souls who have been born in one or other of these various communions which not Thou, but man hath made. Set free the prisoners from these unauthorised forms of worship, and bring them all into that one communion which thou didst set up in the beginning, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    Teach all men that the see of St. Peter, the Holy Church of Rome, is the foundation, centre, and instrument of unity. Open their hearts to the long-forgotten truth that our Holy Father, the Pope, is thy Vicar and Representative; and that in obeying Him in matters of religion, they are obeying Thee, so that as there is but one holy company in heaven above, so likewise there may be but one communion, confessing and glorifying Thy holy Name here below. {190}

    – from Blessed John Henry Newman's "Meditations & Devotions."

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