The Bishop of Evreux has backed off!

I am informed by the Forum Catholique article that Bishop Nourrichard has backed off, after having seen the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, recently appointed to France by the Pope. This Nuncio was previously in Canada, and this much-loved prelate was known to our Canadian TAC Bishops, as Bishop Peter Wilkinson has told me.

The new priestly team appointed by Bishop Nourrichard will not minister in Thiberville and the 12 other churches of the parish group, and Fr. Michel is to be allowed to continue his ministry.

Bishop Nourrichard spent the day last Thursday in Paris with the Nuncio. The scandal of Thiberville had taken on international dimensions.

Many priests in France in France and elsewhere have refused to be moved from their parishes. What is now happening is that Benedict XVI wants parishes and the stability of their priests to be respected by diocesan bishops.

The tide has turned. Deo gratias! And may this be an encouragement for us all.

Author: Fr. Anthony Chadwick

Father Anthony Chadwick was born in the north of England into an Anglican family. He was educated in one of the Church of England’s most well-known schools, St. Peter’s in York, at which he was nurtured in the Anglican musical tradition. After several years studying and working in London he studied theology at university level in Switzerland, Italy and France. Still living in France, he has been a priest of the Traditional Anglican Communion (under Archbishop Hepworth) since 2005. Fr. Chadwick is charged with chaplaincy work among dispersed Anglicans in the north of France, is married and lives in Normandy. His interests outside the Church and directly religious matters include classical music, DIY and sailing. As a non-stipendiary priest, he earns his living as a technical translator.

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  1. Certainly an encouragement! This is what we look forward to in the Ordinariate, and what we have lacked in the C of E: some defence against overweening bishops with private agendas. +E

  2. "The scandal of Thiberville had taken on international dimensions".

    Indeed, the dimensions and the speed of the happy resolution of the Thiberville affair are astonishing. Perhaps we're seeing the benefits of the "lessons learned" from the SSPX Bishop Williamson's affair.

    I firmly believe that Saint Paul, for example, would have embraced the potential of the world wide web, if it was available to him. I wonder what he would have written in his first (and perhaps second) e-mail to the Thibervillians?

  3. Praise GOD!
    Finally some positive movement in this opportunity by Rome (who doubts word got to the Holy Father and he issued precise orders!). Got to love Benedict XVI the Magnificent!

  4. You celebrate Luigi Cardinal Ventura? I suggest that you have been misinformed. As nuncio here in Canada, he was a disaster. He completely failed in his handling of the Fr. Raymond Gravel case, which is, in my view, the greatest single priestly scandal in the history of the Church.

    'Fr.' Gravel was a former male prostitute who openly advocated abortion and inverted marriage on television. To make matters worse, as this enemy of Christ attacked the teaching of the Church, a mullah who was on the same show ended up taking the Church's side. So the Church was represented by a mullah and attacked by a Catholic priest!

    After this scene, Gravel decided to run for the nomination of the Parti Québecois so that he could run in a Dominion election. Scores of faitful wrote to Ventura and demanded action. Ventura waited until *after* Gravel was nominated before announcing that Gravel did not have the needed permission from the Holy See to run in an election. He waited until the issue was closed! How convenient!

    Then Gravel ran in the election and won! His bad bishop, Gilles Lussier of Joliette had given him permission to run–a permission Lussier had no right or power to grant. Ventura did nothing to Lussier and nothing to Gravel. Once elected, Gravel voted in favour of a pro-abortion bill–as a priest!

    Gravel has now left politics at the Vatican's insistence. He was given the choice between politics and the priesthood and chose to remain a priest! So he is now a priest at Repentigny. How fitting that that place name has 'repent' in it! Thanks to Luigi Ventura, Gravel continues to serve as a priest. The archliberal Bishop Gilles Lussier also continues to serve as Bishop of Joliette. What a travesty!

    I am so happy Ventura is out of my country I could jump for joy. Too bad the French are stuck with him. I can't imagine that anyone could deserve that man as papal nuncio.

    Peter Karl T. Perkins
    Victoria, B.C., Canada

  5. I beg to differ with Peter Karl T. Perkins. Archbishop Ventura was a blessing to Canada. Though I am not privvy to the inner workings, I would put forth an educated guess that the reason why we don't hear from M. Gravel publicly anymore is largely the work of the nuncio and his able staff acting on behalf of the Vatican.

    A nuncio does not have the power in and of himself to defrock priests or depose bishops willy nilly. Even the Pope does not exercise a Saddam Hussein like juridical power.

    We have to remember here that we are not Donatists, as tempting as that may be from time to time.


  6. Dear Deborah:

    It is the job of the papal nuncio to inform the Holy See about cases such as that of Sister-Father Gravel. Ventura sat on his hands for months as scores of complaints poured in. I note that the ONLY prelate who has ever gone after Gravel was a certain Cardinal Ratzinger, as he then was.

    Gravel is the worst living scandal the Church in Canada has ever seen. He should have been defrocked, laicised, excommunicated, and burnt at the stake. His Bishop, Jules Lussier, who is an archlberal (read communist) should have been deposed long ago. Insead, Gravel, a pro-abortion and pro-invert, continues to serve as parish priest; and Lussier continues to serve as his Bishop. Lussier had no canonical power or right to authorise Gravel's candidacy in a Dominion election (or any election, for that matter). He seems to think that he is Pope of Joliette.

    The scandal is that Abp. Ventua failed to rectify this situation and then got a promotion. He is the worst papal nuncio Canada has ever known. As for silencing Gravel, there is no guarantee that he will stay quiet and, even if he does, who cares? Should a pro-abortionist be confecting the Eucharist? This man should not be allowed to attend church even as a laic. I want him defrocked NOW. Why has nobody had the guts to remove thei friend of baby-killers and girlymen.

    I will definitely be drinking a bottle of Dom Perignon to celebrate the exit from my country of this miscreant, Archbishop Luigi Ventura. I hope he never sets foot here again. He ignored the faithful and failed to protect the innocent from a wolf.


  7. Unfortunately, the bishop's action in transferring the priest in Thiberville has been upheld by the Congregation for the Clergy.

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